Thursday, October 29, 2009

More on the closure of the Pump and Tap

A reader on the impending closure of the Pump and Tap pub in Leicester:

Just thought I’d let you know the bridge & pub latest. John Husain of the Pump & Tap has been given his marching orders by DMU [De Montfort University] – he’s to be out by the 27th of November, and the pub will close for good a few days before on the 22nd.

John has only just been told this, and broke the news to us and his employees last night. Within the terms of his lease he (and indeed everyone else) expected a minimum of three months notice, but DMU have decided to throw him out at the end of his term on the 27th. Correct in law, but wrong in spirit – his staff will be without jobs (and with little warning) over Christmas, and the P&Ts Christmas day festivities, which the place is famous for in the area, won’t be going ahead.

It’s very sad, and DMU could have gone about it in a far better way. Everyone involved is surprised the period of notice is so short, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything we can do about it. I have a feeling the demolition of the pub will begin very shortly after the 27th.

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Freddy Parker said...

If Mr. Hussein feels so strongly about the survival of The Pump and Tap, why did he sell the freehold to DMU? Surely he didn't think they wanted to keep it as a locals boozer.