Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tory Councillor of the Day

Well done to Christopher Harris from Barnet's Golders Green ward:

Golders Green Tory Christopher Harris has been travelling Down Under since July on an "extended holiday" but has still managed to hang on to his job.

Despite being 10,000 miles away in a country with a 10-hour time difference, Cllr Harris is still claiming more than £800 a month in a council allowance to serve residents.

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Mal said...

In Slough an Independent Councillor has done even better than Cllr Harris, by being away over a nine month period in Pakistan and drawing his allowances. Indeed in May he came back to Slough, attended a meeting and qualified to continue drawing his allowance. In nine months starting January he attended 2 out of 14 scheduled meetings, the second being on his return.

He is in an opposition group including Liberals and Liberal Democrats, who have not uttered one word of criticism.