Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rural Shropshire terrorised by escaped six-foot birds

From the Shropshire Star:

Six-foot birds are running amok in the Shropshire countryside attacking people. The rheas, which are a relative of the emu, are believed to have escaped from farmland in Ashford Carbonell near Ludlow.

A group of them has set up camp in a field near Richards Castle.

An emu comments: We have nothing to do with that side of the family.


crewegwyn said...

Terrorised by rheas?

I think not.

Niles said...

Richards Castle is an ideal sort of spot for an encampment.

I like the idea of the rheas with their neat bell tents in a horseshoe around the campfire.

crewegwyn said...

If these rheas are really 6 foot in height there must be one of two explanations:

a) they've been genetically-modified
b) they're standing on a box.

Rheas reach 51" in height.