Tuesday, October 27, 2009

X-Factor: John and Edward are the British people's revenge on Simon Cowell

I have long held the view that Simon Cowell is destroying Western civilisation. Or at least that he is destroying popular music by draining every ounce of spirit and rebellion from it.

Up until now I had believed I was alone. But the news from Hello Magazine that John and Edward got most votes from viewers after the last X-Factor show has only one explanation.

The people of Britiain have turned against Cowell and are using John and Edward as their weapon.

Not that I watch it, of course.

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Matthew Huntbach said...

I understand this is some sort of talent show, a genre which has recently become popular again on what our esteemed colleague, Lord Bonkers, calls the "moving television".

I have seen pictures of these strangely haired two in various places, and much sniggering as if we are all supposed to be in on the joke. But I really don't watch it (the television in my house was last switched on during the Christmas holidays), so I really do not have any idea what the joke is.