Monday, October 26, 2009

Jersey senator Stuart Syvret seeks asylum in London

The Birmingham Post reports that Stuart Syvret, the Jersey senator, is staying at the London flat of the Lib Dem MP John Hemming and is planning to ask the British government for asylum and “protection from harassment” from the Jersey authorities.

The newspaper says Syvret:

is facing prison after leaking a police report into an aborted investigation surrounding the conduct of a male nurse on the island. Mr Syvret will ask the British Government for legal asylum and “protection from harassment” from the Jersey authorities.

He says he fears that he will not get a fair trial for the alleged data-protection offences after being told that he could be barred from mounting a defence based on public interest.

Magistrates have made an order for his arrest after he failed to turn up to two hearings.

Stuart Syvret and John Hemming both blog, so you should be able to get the latest news directly from them.


Anonymous said...

Really, Liberal England, this has gone on long enough. The words "liberal" and "Syvret" do not belong in the same sentence and his blog is, frankly, an insult to the liberal intelligence.

His criticims of the Jersey judicary are puerile. His argument that he canot get a fair trial in Jersey (for certain motoring and data protection offences of which he is charged) was dismissed by the Jersey Royal Court as "fanciful and without merit" with no public interest: the judge being Sir Richard Tucker, former High Court judge between 1985-2000 and vice chairman of the UK parole board. Syvret's application for leave to appeal against this decsion was heard by the distinguished lawyer Clare Montgomery QC as a judge of the Jersey Court of Appeal. Predictably she dismissed his arguments, saying there was no arguable ground of appeal. I don't suppose you will find this on his blog; no, no, that would interfere with the online fantasy he wants to present to the world.

Syvret's application earlier this year to the English High Court seeking an order that the UK government intervene in the prosecution and hearing of historic child abuse cases in Jersey was without any foundation and was rightly peremtorily dismissed by the English court.

Syvret is not above the law. If he breaks the law he should (obviously) be held to account. To suggest otherwise is deeply illiberal. His preferred tactic of naming people whom he accuses of crime on his blog, people under investigation or who have never been charged or convicted of any offence, is deeply illiberal.

Syvret was not dismissed as Jersey Health Minister becuase he drew attention to historic child abuse. He was dismissed becuase, in short, he was impossible to work with: a conclusion I can well understand. The reasons are publicly available on the States Assembly website if you search it. The child abuse investigation started entirely independently of Syvret but he chose to jump on it as a bandwagon in order to attack his political enemies in Jersey. Pretty pathetic really.

And while I am at it, John Hemming's statment that Syvret's prosecution for the above alleged offences was polically instigated by the Jersey government is completely bizarre - unsurprisingly he cites no evidence in support of this extraordinary allegation, which in reality is just another Syvret fantasy. No politician is above the rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Not a good move to be associated with Senator Syvret.
The fellow is just attention seeking, he has caused so much harm and damage to people from the top to the bottom here, I just hope he never returns to Jersey.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the first two commenters. Stuart Syvret considers himself above the law and will say and do anything to cast himself as somehow wronged by the Jersey government.

The truth is that he is a chronic attention seeker who has hijacked the historic child abuse enquiry for his own ends.

Anonymous said...

It is more than obvious from most of the commentors that Jersey Islanders put greed before need. Greed, they see Stuart Syvret as a threat to their financial industry because he speaks the truth.

Stuart Syvret is an honest and decent politician who puts his electorate before himself, if he did not he would not be in the position he is in today, He has been victimised for supporting Human Rights, freedom of speech and above all because he blew the whistle on care issues, supported whistle blowers and spoke the truth. The majority of the States Members do not like the truth, it hurts their finance industry.

Stuart Syvret has been victimised for being a good Politician, victimised for telling the truth and most certainly victimised by the ruling elite. ie the Atorney General, the Bailiff et al.

He will never have a fair trial on the island of Jersey, he is entitled to his human rights, above all he is entitled make his electorate aware of the cover-ups which have taken place.

I commend Jon Hemming et al for their support for Stuart.

Incidently I am not too sure how you can hi jack an abuse enquiry when you brought the serious allegations relating to child abuse to the States members before the matter was known to them. To those who doubt the sincerity and decency of Stuart Syvret I suggest you read Hansard for the States of Jersey, there you will learn the truth, you cannot rely on the local media it is also corrupted by the States.

Amazing isn't it only a few weeks ago the States of Jersey admitted that the Child Protection Department was failing, more amazing that Stuart was sacked for bringing this to the attention of the States of Jersey. Stuart has been so right in the revelations he has brought to the attention during States Meetings,

Anonymous said...

As you can plainly see, the official spin machine is working overtime to level criticism of Stuart in multiple comments on popular blogs.

What no spin artist wants to discuss is that Stuart's leaked data showed that a serial murder investigation had been been thwarted for political reasons. I wonder who is leaving comments which fail to mention this. The actual documentation of process corruption is easy enough to read through on his blog, linked above.

- Leigh

Anonymous said...

Interesting that some of the commentators here claim that Syvret "has hijacked the historic child abuse enquiry for his own ends".

If that is so, then why does he have the support of care leavers?

Also, this leak relates to just one individual, and that individual does have criminal convictions. Read the document for yourself, it's still there on his blog, despite the States of Jersey's attempts to delete it.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Jersey I agree wholeheartedly with Leigh. It would appear an anti-Syvret spin machine of some kind has been kickstarted into action. One has to question by whom and why.

For the average islander Stuart Syvret is a good man. There's a reason why in our past two elections he has topped the poll above all other political candidates. Your readers may want to bear that in mind when wading through the diatribes which are now appearing against him here and elsewhere online.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this story on your blog. Here in Jersey we need all the outside publicity we can get about matters such as this, seriously.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Stuart Syvret is a victim of his own stupidity. He only fled from the Jersey courts because he was bang to rights and did not have a leg to stand on. He is a criminal. Time has caught up with him now and to end it all I can imagine he will be arrested and frog marched back to Jersey after the 9th November 2009 to answer the charges.

Anonymous said...

You have to ask the question, why did the prosecution in Stuart's data protection case suddenly change tack and disallow his public interest defence?

What evidence has he uncovered that the courts desperately want to conceal?

He had no choice but to leave the island as he will never get a fair trial here.

The judiciary are in control of everything and this power is vested mainly in one post that of the Attorney General. He and he alone is in charge of the honorary police (a bunch of hobby bobbies) who are the ONLY people allowed to charge criminals, he is the ONLY person who can decide weather a case goes to court, he is the head of the prosecution service, he is the ONLY person allowed to give legal advice to States Departments (no conflict there then eh if the department is breaking the law).

Basically Jersey is the most illiberal state in Europe and nothing is being done about it.

And people wonder why Stuart has taken the action he has?

I've lived in Jersey for nearly 20 years, working in public service and I KNOW that it is rotten at the core.

Anonymous said...

1.Ex-Health-minister Senator SYVRET acted very responsible,when he FIRST wanted to talk about the child-abuse-treatments internal with the other members of commitee of Jersey. After he was sacked/removed from his post as health-minister ,-logically the JERSEY citizens were asking for the reasons. And because the public has a right of information,
Senator SYVRET then now wrote his points of views + opinions into his Blog-Site.
WHAT is wrong ,to write the truth?
I repeat it once more:
It was a terribly bad + mistaken decision of Ex-chief-minister Walker to sack Senator SYVRET from his post as a Health-minister.
So then Senator Syvret wrotes in his blog. And everybody
of the JERSEY citizens and people from abroad had the chance,to ask him questions,or write their own opinions,criticism.
In article 12 of the JERSEY HUMAN RIGHTS LAW it is guaranted the right of FREE EXPRESSION !

2.I am expecting from a politician,that in special cases, (the many deaths in Febr+March09) where it is necessary for the public to know,-
that this politician feels responsible for telling the truth to the citizens.
With clear words:

If the "Data protection law" is only existing for the use to
cover up for the probably in Jersey-hospital taken place scandals + mistakes,-
then I think people should criticise the JERSEY GOVERNMENT !!!

3.If there are citizens of JERSEY who breached the law , abused their power and I assume also the data-protection-law,-
then these 8 policemen,who
came into Senator SYVRET`s home,

Everybody who means Senator Syvret deserves only criticism should ask HISSELF, if he would welcome it to get forced by 8 policemen to go in your home WITHOUT SEARCH WARRANT .

4.I have read in some reports, that
the tax-payer has to pay for Senator SYVRRET.
Who fights for justice .

My answer to the authors of these reports is.
"Did you ever count the "wasted" wages of those children-care-home-WORKERS together,-who got paid each month for.....raping,tortourig,sex-parties with innocent kids a.s o.??!!
This has cost the british tax payer every-month-every-year-lots of decades a lot of money !!!

These are facts to get angry about!

Antje Seeger

noah gee said...

you only have to look at the wording of certain issues to see that it is being covered up.
what started aas a child abuse investigation ended up as just historic abuse.
does it matter how long aago aabuse occured .child abuse is child abuse, but if you drop the word child it doesnt seen too bad then add the word historic and lo and behold it is a mere comment.
the recent drug trial was well publicised what with armed guards , armoured vans wiyh sirens wailing and a different route to court each morning.
it far out shone the child abusers trial.
to me this sends out a signal to people which is....................
you only have to look at the sentence 1 paedophile recieved for 8 counts of sexual abuse 3 counts of physical abuse and possesion of firearma without a license 30 months HA HA HA .
For those who dont know there isnt even a sex offenders register in jersey.
We need people like senator Syvret who isnt old school tie and will stand up for his and the ordinary peoples rights.
one wonders how many other people fo high standing were shakindg in their boots in case their name came up in "THE HISTORIC ABUSE CASE".

Anonymous said...

It seems to be forgotton by some of Syvret's supporters that he was the polititian in charge of Health and Social Services but did little or nothing during his tenure to properly supervise the service. He should have started quietly with internal enquiries and only gone public with prop[er evidence. He has been throwing his rattle out of the pram ever since the then Bailiff suspended him from the states for not substianciating serious allegations against a former politician. He May have been right but we will never know because when asked by the Bailiff to withdraw the allegation or give evidence to back it them up he was unable or unwilling to do either. Regarding his motoring offences of which he pleads not guilty you either have a driving licence or not. If so then show it to the police and do not waste their time (which is also an offence) playing silly games. The same goes for failing to notify his change of address. He either did or didn't it is not open to being a matter of op8inion but one of fact.
I am sure that if I drove without a licence, That could mean insurance also depending on your policy,and had an accident with him he would want me procicuted so why does he think he is above the law?

Anonymous said...

I quote: "What evidence has he uncovered that the courts desperately want to conceal?" Well, lets think... hmmm... they keep inviting him to Court (where he has his legally protected right to speak publicly in proceedings documented by any of the world's media)-but he keeps on refusing to take up the invitation... yes obviously he is desperate to get his day in court but those pesky judges just won't invite him to the party...Unless.... wait... what's this... a warrant for his arrest...Yes, he can go to the ball... (I'm so frustrated by people and their intransigent unthinking acceptance of so much of what Stuart Syvret peddles that I thought a dose of irony might be a little light relief).
Quote: "We need people like senator Syvret who isn't old school tie and will stand up for his and the ordinary peoples rights." Yes by not attending the Parliamentary Assembly he is elected to-and no I don't have any old school ties. Fact is I never wear them (gosh that means I'm not part of the establishment, eh?)

Yes-this has indeed gone on long enough. There will always be those too naive, or too prejudiced to be unable to see straight as far as Stuart Syvret is concerned-on both sides of opinion about him. Some it seems despise him without really understanding the issues, others seem to laud his every breath. But some facts remain:
Quote "He has been victimised for supporting Human Rights, freedom of speech and above all because he blew the whistle on care issues,"
1: As I have told him directly, he did not 'blow the whistle' on child abuse. The police had been investigating it for a long time during which period (and a good way into it) they invited him to a meeting to share anything he had to say.
2: This was after his tenure as Health Minister during which time there is no record that I have seen him produce that he ever attempted to do anything about it when he had the chance-I have faced him up with that too-he has usually cited the excuse "I'm only a carpenter... what could I do faced with those professionals?" (Resign, maybe?)
3:As for the astonishing statement that he has been "victimised for supporting Human Rights, freedom of speech" the most important (and truly frightening) aspect of this is that if we ran society along his lines there would be nothing to stop me naming anyone I chose and publishing a blog that made allegations about that person that would stir up enough people to convict that person without any evidence or due process. That person could be you. That is the root of (and route to) lynch mobs and kangaroo courts...And this man holds a political office. Now that is something to worry about! And this is freedom of speech? No-its not-and if you can't see that I'm afraid a brief blog from me won't help you.
Oh yes-by the way-I am not part of some Jersey spin machine so please don't insult my genuine right to free speech by accusing me of that. I am an average Jersey person who stands in disbelief at much of what I see happening in our island at times at a political and also a grass roots level. But please lets stick to the facts instead of leveling accusations at people, seeking to discredit what they say by alleging conspiratorial motives in anyone who dares to disagree. It is a thinly disguised form of Stalinism that seeks to circumvent due process to bring down the vengeance of an ill informed mob upon persons who have not been tried by a properly constituted tribunal, on the basis of our own opinionated prejudicial bigotry. True democracy has long fought to drive that kind of summary frontier primitive 'justice' from the landscape-and hence it is all the more disturbing to see an approach that is so redolent with unaccountable vengeful personal ire defended-even promoted-in the name of 'freedom'.

Anonymous said...

People should not comment on someone they do not know. Stuart Syvret is speaking out to bring injustice to light and to make sure that all the wrongdoings are brought to light so the poor children who were murdered get the justice they deserve. Why would he put himself in a position where he could end up facing a jail sentence? Because he cares and wants the full truth of this most horrific abuse and to prevent the cover up to protect people who should be made to pay for their crimes. Stuart Syvret is not a criminal and there should be people supporting him not perscuting him. How can anybody justify what happened it is one of the most horrific story to hit the headlines. If things were not being covered up how come there was no follow ups of the enquiries in the papers and news because there was countless stories in the first few weeks and since then there has been nothing. Try and explain that!!!!