Wednesday, October 21, 2009

David Cameron: The Flashman factor

Every time I watch prime minister's questions I am struck by the way Cameron looks and sounds like a public school bully. I find I wrote about this earlier this year.

In a country where being "posh" is just about the worst sin there is, even as it is becoming progressively more unequal, I wonder how this plays with the public.

Perhaps the Tories reason that Gordon Brown is now so unpopular that they will be cheering him on, but I wonder.


Nick Robinson said...

Being a bit unkind to Flashman aren't you? At least the bewhiskered cavalry cad was good with a horse and lance; not sure what Dave's natural talent is apart from being (a) not Brown and (b) having a face, like Blair's, that doesn't actually frighten the horses.

Jonathan Calder said...

I was thinking of Thomas Hughes's Flashman rather than George MacDonald Fraser's.

Unknown said...

Don't know about the status of TH's Flashman these days, but his American colony of "Rugby, Tennessee" is alive & well. Check out and come visit! We'll mistreat you only if forced.

John said...

haha, love this post, but he will never be half as cool as Flashman