Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bread saves south Shropshire from escaped rheas

Remember the escaped rheas that were terrorising south Shropshire?

The Shropshire Star has the latest news:
A trail of bread was used to lure a flock of 6ft birds, which had been running wild in the Shropshire countryside, back to their enclosure.
If rheas weren't so gullible they could take over the world.


Niles said...

Were these Hansel and Gretel rheas?!

exasperatednaturalist said...

But they're still not 6' tall !!!!

Jonathan Calder said...

They may be now after all that bread.

dreamingspire said...

Wiki says there are Greater and Lesser Rheas, and they can reach 5.6ft (1.7m). Since when did we legalise decimal fractions of a foot?

It also seems that they practice high frequency polygamy.

Frank Little said...

Why does this news item make me think of mutant llamas?