Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Five Years Ago: Nick Clegg on Conrad Russell

One benefit of having been writing a blog for so long is that I can do this: go back and see what I was saying five years ago.

On 20 October 2004 Conrad Russell had just died and I reported that Nick Clegg had written a good column about him for the Guardian.

That column is still on the paper's website:
He was a striking, slightly beguiling figure. He walked with an intellectual's stoop, invariably with a cigarette in hand. A shock of white hair was permanently standing to attention above an angular, slightly hawkish face. He talked in paragraphs.
Helpfully, I informed my readers that Nick was the "former Lib Dem MEP for the East Midlands and PPC for Sheffield Hallam".

Incidentally, more people will read this blog today than read it in the whole of October 2004.

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Cllr Philip Peake (also Forest Hill, LBL) said...

Conrad's son, Cllr John Russell (Forest Hill, LB Lewisham) is hosting a 5-year dinner in memory of his father at the National Liberal Club with Sally Hamwee and David Starkey speaking. More details on the facebook event page: