Monday, December 07, 2009

Chamali Fernando resurfaces in Cambridge Tory primary

The Cambridge-based Conservative blogger Richard Normington has the shortlist of candidates for the Tory selection in the seat and the short biographies they have published.

Among them is a figure who will be familiar to readers of this blog...

Chamali Fernando

Chamali Fernando – “more than just a Cameron cutie!”

A hard-hitting, no nonsense, seasoned doorstep campaigner who may be small but packs a mean punch, is hoping to be your Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge.

Chamali achieved instant national recognition as the youngest candidate to be shortlisted by a mainstream political party for the role of Mayor of London.

During her eight years of hard graft and notable success as a barrister, her broad legal practice has enabled her to help people in the private, public and corporate sectors.

Chamali, a former resident of Cambridge, passionately believes this city can lead the fight back in changing the fortunes of our nation, through its international reputation for excellence in academia and innovation in business.

Where Chamali has had the single greatest impact in her voluntary activities has been in her frontline role for the Coalition for an International Environmental Court. She has presented to leading political figures on the immediate need to create this court to safeguard the future of our planet.

Outside work, Chamali enjoys amateur dramatics, architecture, cooking, netball and outdoor life.

So when selecting your Conservative PPC for Cambridge, VOTE CHAMALI FERNANDO - your action-packed candidate, determined to become your MP.

You would not know from this that Chamali was a member of the Liberal Democrats as recently as July of this year.

I am prepared to believe that Cambridge Tories are a little more in the swim of things than their comrades in Norfolk, so I don't expect a row along the lines of Trussgate if Chamali wins the primary.

But isn't she being just a little economial with the truth?

Take it away Chamali...

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