Tuesday, December 01, 2009

National Tree Week

It seems that we are in the middle of National Tree Week. It runs from 25 November to 6 December, which means it is so good that it lasts a fortnight. There is a list of local events on The Tree Council website.

A piece on iwalkdevon suggests that:
according to the Woodland Trust the UK’s ancient indigenous woodland is being felled faster than the Amazon rainforest.
I can't find the report from which this statistic comes, but it was discussed in a Guardian article last year.

Anyway, conservation begins at home.


David said...

That sounds like exactly the kind of statistic which the late lamented Costigan Quist would have fisked into the Stone Age (as they say). Just because something is published in The Guardian doesn't automatically make it untrue, but that should be the default position.

Jonathan Calder said...

It sounds perfectly believable to me. Read "The Killing of the Countryside" by Graham Harvey.