Thursday, December 03, 2009

The further adventures of Colin Rosenstiel and his bicycle

In February Colin Rosenstiel, Lib Dem councillor from Cambridge and general doyen of the party, was in the news because of an unfortunate contretemps involving his bicycle and an ambulance.

So today's Cambridge Evening News has a familiar ring:
Colin Rosenstiel, a councillor for Cambridge City Council for more than 30 years, was forcibly ejected from the 15.45 King's Cross to Cambridge train on Tuesday after he disputed a request from a ticket inspector to take his bike to a different carriage to avoid overcrowding.
Colin says in his defence:
"My bike was in an optimal position in relation to other passengers. I was trying to explain that staying at the back of the train avoids the crowds at Cambridge station but staff would not listen to me ... One thing that annoys me is the abuse of power."


crewegwyn said...

It's a long time since I last encountered Colin but he does seem to be disappearing into a world of self-importance.

His bike was in "an optimal position"?

I think we might let the railway staff decide on that .....

Ex CLC said...

He does indeed redefine pompousity.

EX CLC said...

Or even 'pomposity'. My bad.