Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gucci riots: The police should let them fight

The Daily Mail reports:

Fights broke out at some of Britain’s top stores yesterday as shoppers jostled for the best bargains at Boxing Day sales.

Police had to be called to Gucci’s flagship store in Knightsbridge, West London, after a fracas just before the doors opened at 10am, and there were also scuffles in Milton Keynes.

According to shoppers at Gucci, where £500 handbags, shoes and other goods were being sold at half price, a police van and four patrol cars raced to the scene after reports of punches being thrown.

All very depressing. Personally, I feel that if the sort of people who fall out over designer handbags are fighting, they should be allowed to inflict as much damage on one another as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Yes i was one of those sad people let me tell you the true story before people jugdes l waited in this que from half past six me my brother and sister and my 12 yr old daugther has i was only 33 people from the door we did not think that we would be be pushed to back of the que because the security staff at gucci decided to make the line into snake this caused mayhem having obviously been back handed by this gang what turned up and decided to push in and threaten people with there behaviour this could have well turned in to a bad situation if i never called the police everybody is entitled to there veiws of course but i wonder what you would get in line for and wait who knows how ever i did manage to get some good buys after all that but l do think we should be more concerned with commenting on what realy did happen and what should be done with people who caused it l think .