Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Liberal England Year: Part 2

Part 1 was posted yesterday. We continue with...


I helpfully explained why parents cheat over school admissions and marked the death of John Ryan, creator of Captain Pugwash. (Those stories about rude names are not true, you know.)

Noel Symington, Market Harborough's Mosleyite soup magnate, turned out to be Whipplesnaith, the night climber of Cambridge.

And I recalled getting lost on Frog Island.


A full month.

Much to my readers' delight I took up what proved to be the lost cause of saving Leicester's Bowstring Bridge. I also discovered that there is curse attached to Lib Dem Voice's Lib Dem Blog of the Year Award. (Prophetically so. The following month I was not shortlisted in any category and their Blog of the Year promptly gave up.)

I discovered an unusual village cricket ground and suggested that Top Gear is really another programme in disguise.

As well as offering eight sceptical theses on moral rights I looked at the life of Petra, the Blue Peter dog.

Best of all, England won the Ashes at Sutton Bridge.


These were exciting times in Market Harborough. There was Arts Fresco, Hoards and History Day and a concert by Spencer Davis and the Animals. You can see why I had no time to come to the Lib Dem Conference.

I also found myself in dejection near Polly Toynbee.


I met a cool cat at Oakham station and explored the parallels between Tracey Emin and Tony Hancock.

In a bit of a scoop for this blog, I had a unique video giving Gordon Brown's views on Tony Blair. I argued that the BBC and his fellow Question Time panelists should have given Nick Griffin more rope.


The Tory leader of Harborough District Council dramatically resigned his seat. Meanwhile, I continued to be puzzled by the contradictions of Mark Oaten.

I took the Caledonian Sleeper to attend the Lib Dem bloggers' unconference in Edinburgh and Lord Bonkers gave an inside view of the party's attack unit.


Coming up to date, this month I have:
  • complained of the insolence of the lambs;
  • explained why privatised railways treat their customers like criminals;
  • revealed the new Lib Dem election poster.

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