Monday, December 14, 2009

Sandi Toksvig to fight Cambridge for Lib Dems?

An intriguing snippet from Cambridge News:
The Lib Dems plan to announce their candidate in the middle of January, with speculation mounting that broadcaster/comic Sandi Toksvig might stand.

There are also calls among the city’s Lib Dems for the former Girton College student to take over from Mr Howarth, according to party sources.
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Unknown said...

As a member on the ground, I'd be surprised if Sandi Toksvig got on the shortlist - because she has ruled herself out! See

I think this is one of those times when "mounting speculation" means lots of journalists speculating to each other!

Niles said...

Not even sure she's a member? She confided at LGA meeting that the BBC had asked her to dial back her support of the party a little so she could remain a neutral character on steam wireless.

And of course our rules mean she would need to have been a member for a year before even attempting to become an Approved Candidate.