Saturday, December 05, 2009

Wikio Top Lib Dem Blogs, December 2009

Two new entries this month which means there are now 15 rather than 14 Lib Dem blogs in the top 100 (Himmelgarten Cafe has dropped out). Welcome to Sara Bedford's Always Win When You're Singing and Dazmando's Bracknell Blog.

I have included Charlotte Gore because her blog sailed under the Lib Dem flag throughout November. It will be interesting to see how she does without it.

More fallers than climbers this month. Play up school!

1 (5) Liberal Democrat VoiceNon mover
2 (14) Charlotte GoreFalls 1
3 (15) Mark ReckonsFalls 3
4 (32) Liberal EnglandFalls 5
5 (41) Caron's MusingsClimbs 3
6 (44) Quaequam Blog!Climbs 2
7 (45) Stephen's Linlithgow JournalFalls 11
8 (46) Liberal VisionFalls 18
9 (62) Peter BlackFalls 9
10 (64)People's Republic of MortimerFalls 10
11 (65)Miss S B (Jennie Rigg) Falls 1
12 (76)Andrew Reeves' Running BlogClimbs 15
13 (91)Always Win When You're SingingNew entry
14 (90)Lynne FeatherstoneClimbs 3
15 (100)Bracknell BlogNew entry


Jennie Rigg said...

How is it possible for Charlotte to fall 1 to #2 if LDV is a non-mover at #1?

Andrew Reeves said...

Jennie, that is the positions as a Lib Dem (15 of us in the top 100 WIkio rankings), it is the second number for the actual Wikio rankings.

So LDV was 5th and Charlotte 14th.

Jonathan I was actually 76th not 66th, but the climbs 15 is right.

Jonathan Calder said...

Andrew: Thanks, I have corrected that - I also had two no. 44s