Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Congregational Chapel, Minsterley

I went to Minsterley chiefly to photograph its church, but I was also taken with this Congregational Chapel.

The website Shropshire's Nonconformist Chapels (which I highly recommend) describes it as follows:
In 1795 the "chapel house" was licensed for nonconformist worship. A joint church of Independents and Baptists was formed in 1803 which continued until 1833 when they separated, with the Independents building this chapel and the Baptists building the chapel at Lordshill ...

The chapel in Minsterley was built of brick which is now rendered. An upper floor was inserted in the late 19th century to be used as a schoolroom. The chapel was still in use by the Congregational church in 2003.
I shall have to go back to Lordshill chapel and photograph it one day. In the mean time you can see it in the 1950 Powell & Pressburger film Gone to Earth.

This completes the middle Sunday of my holiday, which I have been blogging about since the Iron Church at White Grit.

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