Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tory MP refuses to vote for liberty

It is hard to be enthusiastic about this BBC News report that London local authorities are likely to be granted more powers:
The legislation would:
  • Require people issued with penalty charge notices - for example over littering or parking - to provide their name and address to council officers
  • Allow councils to recover the cost of street cleaning from polluting traders
  • Require fast food sellers to display their hygiene rating and allow councils to crack down on unlicensed car dealers.
But I was more struck by the comments of the Conservative MP for Finchley & Golders Green, Mike Freer:
"Many of us in this house would like to turn back the clock to a gentler age, but sadly we do live in an irresponsible society where many individuals cause problems for residents.
"Many of us would prefer a reduction in regulation and a lessening of the intrusive nature of government - both national and local.
"However, we do have a responsibility to address the real issues facing Londoners."
Well, if you want "a lessening of the intrusive nature of government" then why not vote for it and oppose this bill?

I am afraid that when it comes down to it, few Tories are keen on liberty - unless it is liberty for people just like them.

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