Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Liberal England anticipates Steve Bell

A couple of weeks ago Simon Hoggart wrote:
Strange meeting with David Cameron during the Tory conference this week. I was at the Spectator party with Steve Bell, who, as you cannot have failed to notice, always draws the prime minister with a condom over his head. They have discussed this before, at a chance meeting during the election campaign, when Steve explained that it was because his skin appeared remarkably smooth and even taut, so it looked as if his head was encased in tight rubber.
In a Liberal Democrat News House Points column from October 2005 I said of Cameron:
His complexion is so unblemished that, like Elijah Wood in the Lord of the Rings films, he appears to have had his face covered with a thin layer of plastic film.
You read it here first.

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Yettie said...

David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher political image. Found this quite amusing:

Loving the blog by the way! Liberalism is the only way forwards. :) And Steve Bell is a great cartoonist.