Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Six of the Best 96

John Hemming watched last night's Panorma on Children in Care: "What this does is demonstrate the perspective of some of the children which is that they are being effectively punished by the state rather than protected."

Samuel Ryder, after whom the Ryder Cup was named, was a Liberal councillor in St Albans and then the city's mayor. Sara Bedford has the details on Liberal Democrat Voice.

On LabourList, Jim Sweetman dissects the contradictions of Michael Gove's education policies: "At one moment, he wants teachers to have the freedom and flexibility to work within a very simple statement of curriculum aims but, minutes later, he is listing classic books and historical events which he expects to be covered."

It is 50 years since the first generation of Sheffield trams ceased to run, reports Crich Tramway Village News.

Crying All the Way to the Chip Shop is depressed by the state of Battersea Power Station.

Psst! Want to buy an archipelago? Home & Property has details of the Out Skerries in Shetland - including this photograph.

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