Sunday, October 24, 2010

David Laws: Why I am proud of the Pupil Premium

David Laws has an article on the Pupil Premium in tomorrow's Guardian:
The pupil premium is designed to have two beneficial effects. First, because the extra money follows the child, it will ensure that deprivation funding is far better targeted than it is now. Second, the premium will deliver extra money to the schools with the highest level of challenge – giving them an opportunity to combat disadvantage. Too few schools facing real challenges currently have the money to make a difference, for example with more one-to-one tuition, a longer school day, holiday classes, or paying more to attract the best teachers.
Laws also argues that the premium does represent extra money for schools.

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dreamingspire said...

A good thing about this Coalition is how relaxed the senior LDs are, even when discussing concerns about policies. Power (for they have the balance of it) coming naturally to them.