Sunday, October 17, 2010

David Laws hints at a return to government

Last month the talk was all of David Laws retiring from politics at the next election. At the least the talk on this blog (from The Sun via the Pink Paper site) was.

A report on the BBC News site this afternoon paints a very different picture. It suggests he has hinted at a return to government and quotes him as saying:
"Everybody in politics wants to be in the front line ... Everybody wants to have their hands on the levers. I don't think I'm exceptional in that regard politically. Everybody wants to be in the front line."
That quotation comes from an interview with John Pienaar to be broadcast at 7 p.m. this evening on BBC 5 Live.

Ultimately, of course, David Laws' future may depend on the report of the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner. But I hope we will see him back in the cabinet soon.


Unknown said...

With reports that Danny Alexander has 'gone native' at the Treasury, do you think Laws would have done a better job?

Anonymous said...

He's a crook

an expenses cheat

he should have the grace to shut up and keep a low profile

Jonathan Calder said...

Andrew: Yes, I suspect David Laws would have found it easier to maintain his independence.