Friday, October 22, 2010

Rutland International Airport

It's a location that has been mentioned from time to time in Lord Bonkers' Diary. But now a Rutland county councillor wants to build it for real.

RAF Cottesmore is to close soon and Gene Plews, who sits for Oakham South East, thinks he knows what should be done with it. He told the Leicester Mercury:
"I believe it is ideally suited for a regional airport.

"It has all the ancillary services needed and can handle aircraft as large as a Boeing 757 and a Galaxy transporter.

"It is close to the A1, would service a local need, and could boost tourism. It has great links to London."
However, Lord Bonkers' current-day successor is not keen. Alan Duncan, MP for Rutland and Melton, says:
"It is a totally inappropriate site for a regional airport.

"The road links are inadequate."


dreamingspire said...

And Lyneham should be the overspill airport for London. Close to the M4. Remember that Finningley has become Robin Hood.

puzzledgwyn said...

"Great links to London?"

Jonathan Calder said...

Lord Bonkers suggests:

The Great North Road.