Sunday, October 17, 2010

The X Factor: Is anything what it seems?

Last night Liberal Democrat blogger Fraser Macpherson posted some praise for Mary Byrne's performance in the X Factor.

In passing he mentioned that two years ago she won an Irish TV (TG4) talent show called Nollaig No 1 under the name Mary Lee. And indeed she did.

Reading about her on the web, it is clear that winning this Gaelic-language show failed to give her a hit record it promised. Even so, she is hardly the humble Tesco checkout operator will self-esteem issues that the X Factor has presented her as.

Is anything on X Factor quite what it seems?


Mark said...

Storm and Katie have known each other for a year or more; they worked for the same record - Sony BMG - Simon Cowell's record label. Funny coincidence. Or not.

Mark said...

*record label, that should say

Tim (Kalyr) said...

Everything about X-Factor is fake, from the autotune "scandal" onwards. What's deeply saddening is that so many people are addicted to this reality TV drivel at the expense of real music by real musicians.

And it's no good saying "If you don't like it, then just don't watch it". This is a classic case of bad culture driving out the good.

Anonymous said...

treyc has a record deal and a single making its way through britain

keri, who made it to the judge house part, is also signed and has a record deal

storm was/is a working studio backup singer making a very good living

katie v has two sets of faux parents, is connected to sony/bmg and created her current persona for the show.

im buying into mary's self esteem issue because the record that she cut didnt sell at all...but note that even though the show knew she was in an earlier contest, they made no mention of it.

all of the judges comments are pre-scripted...right down to the infighting.

no...nothing in this show is real...i like watching it because it is an absolute train wreck

and after watching katie perry's performance, i am 100 percent sure that the sound guy is someone they picked up off the street