Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Six of the Best 99

The Liberal Democrat History Group has published a revised edition of its Liberal Leaders: Leaders of the Liberal Party from 1828 to 1899. Mark Pack presents his revised biography of Viscount Melbourne.

Neil Stockley find that public understanding of the Alternative Vote is very low but suggests there is evidence that the referendum can still be won.

"The gracelessness and naked greed which Rooney and Moyles have displayed may make their fall a very satisfying morality tale. Fortune is not all a one-way street, and it is as well for all of us to remember that. In the face of life's triumphs and disasters, it is still as well to retain a measure of humility and a sense of proportion." Cicero's Songs is less than impressed by two celebrities in the news this week.

A West Walian Perspective - Mark Cole reminds us that it is nearly five years since Ariel Sharon fell into a coma.

The station hotel at St Pancras will reopen on 5 May 2011, reports Property Week. When I first knew the station in the 1970s that seemed an impossible dream.

New History Lab compares photographs of Leicester scenes taken a century apart.

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