Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Daily Mail columnist looks to Lib Dems to save Britain from Liam Fox and Trident

Extraordinary stuff from Andrew Alexander:
The problem about Fox is that he has no judgment whatever about strategic affairs. He was, of all the Tory frontbench, the most hawkish, gung-ho enthusiast for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
As one does not allow children to play with matches, Fox is not the right man to be allowed substantial Forces. He is the sort of person — so desperate to please Washington — who would try to get us involved in another expedition, perhaps in Yemen or Somalia.
And then there is Trident, about which ministers are allowed some latitude under the Coalition agreement. We must hope that the Lib Dems put up a resistance to paying for this unusable and expensive piece of hardware, designated a weapon but, in fact, little more than a diplomatic masculinity symbol.

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Hedgehog said...

Anyone concerned about Trident might like to visit the 38 Degrees web site and sign up for their campaign.

As regards Fox, he`s a bit of a mixed bag. Andrew Alexander may well be right in what he says, but there is another side to Dr F, as with his exemplary work with the Save our Valley Campaign and particularly in addressing some of the wider issues.

The odd thing about the Coalition in more general terms is that it has in fact brought to life a more deep-rooted coalition of another kind. I run a blog on community-based campaigns etc. I was a bit reluctant to do too much on the cuts as I didn`t want it to turn into some kind of empty-gesture lefty thing. In fact , whether it`s fighting Library cuts in Doncaster and Lewisham, the sale of council care homes in Notts, or court closures in Leics, Rugby and Yorkshire, what I`m seeing at local level is cross-party coalitions against the measures proposed by the Coalition.

It has a certain weird irony, you must admit.