Friday, October 01, 2010

Six of the Best 95

Writing on Liberal Democrat Voice, Andrew Stunell argues that we need to take ownership of the concept of the "Big Society": "during the coalition negotiations, it quickly became apparent from talking to Oliver Letwin that what they call the Big Society was a very close match to the “Community Politics” ideas Liberals have been promoting since the ‘70s. Power should flow upwards from the grassroots, and not downwards from Whitehall."

Ewan's liberal musings reproduces a speech on drug policy that he gave to a fringe meeting at this year's Liberal Democrat Conference in Liverpool.

Nadine Dorries's recent comments on Twitter and the people who use it are dissected by DickMandrake.

"I hope that the party does moves towards a one member, one vote system in future elections and abolishes the archaic electoral college. I had five votes in the election, both as a member of the party, but also as a member of various affiliates, this really is ridiculous and change is long-overdue," says Labour blogger Blogging4Merton.

Neuroskeptic pours cold water on yesterday's reports that a genetic cause of ADHD has been discovered.

Next month a three-day event at The Roundhouse will celebrate the work of Frank Zappa, reports Londonist.


Lavengro in Spain said...

"Power should flow upwards from the grassroots, and not downwards from Whitehall."

In countries that have proper democratic constitutions this concept is known as popular sovereignty and is utterly uncontroversial.

Andrew Hickey said...

Wish I'd found out about that Zappa thing in enough time to go. Sounds absolutely fascinating (though I'd give Zappa Plays Zappa a miss - saw them last year and they were dreadful).

dreamingspire said...

We do have a constitution - its the list of what the civil service want to do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Zappa link.

Anonymous said...

I think what's most frightening about that picture is quite how much he looks like Les Holroyd from Barclay James Harvest - separated at birth perhaps?


(One Nation Tory dropping in for the first time btw)