Thursday, November 24, 2011

London to Bath by road in 1963

I think I would be tempted to put up two fingers to Mr Eyles too, but it is interesting to see an England where the M4 stops short of Reading.


Paul Walter said...

Blimey. He drove through a bit in Reading that now has a 20mph speed limit!

burkesworks said...

Wonder what became of the chap in the red Triumph Herald who was really getting under his skin? Do keep on posting these and the Look at Lifes - can't get enough of films of Britain from this era (especially transport and architecture-related); close enough for us to have just touched yet so far away now it seems.

James Russell said...

Another great film - what I'd love to see, though, is some footage of life on the roads in the 1930s. Is any available anywhere, do you know?