Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Northampton bus station to be demolished

If you heard the sound of distant cheering the other day it was because it has finally been agreed that Northampton's Greyfriars bus station is to be demolished.

The site it occupies will be used to extend the Grosvenor Centre, the town's main shopping centre. The new bus station will be built on the site of the old Fishmarket, which is currently occupied by an independent arts centre run by Northampton Arts Collective.


T. C. R. MacDonnell said...

Well, thank goodness for that. The low ceilings and orange lighting gave the impression in wet weather of one having accidently wondered into 1980s dystopian si fi literature.

I hope they replace it with something glassy, airy, with lots of white or neon minimalist furnature so it feels more like having been downloaded onto an iPod: that aesthetic will never age.

Anonymous said...

For some one who uses that bus station every day.. I actually worry about my health sitting in that place. The air quality must be at such a poisonous level. There is years of carbon, thick on the walls. I just hope this does not mess up the economy while building is done! It's easy to ignore the fact that we have traders that need a constant flow of feet.