Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Occupy London discovers some demands - and they are good ones

Today's Guardian carries a report saying that the Occupy London demonstrators have finally come up with some demands - and they are making them of the City of London Corporation itself:
The Occupy statement says democratic reform is "urgently needed" for an "unconstitutional and unfair" institution. It calls for:
  • An end to business and corporate votes in elections, which can outvote residents. 
  • Removal of "secrecy practices", and transparent reform of institutions. 
  • Decommissioning of the City of London police, with officers put under the Met. 
  • Abolition of the offices of lord mayor, sheriffs and aldermen. 
  • A truth and reconciliation commission to examine allegations of corruption.
The last one looks a bit silly: we are not living in apartheid South Africa and I would like to see some more prosecutions. But they are right in their implication that the City of London Corporation needs democratic reform.

I don't suppose that even an election under a reformed system would produce a very radical administration in the Square Mile, but other city corporations were reformed in the 19th century. The demonstrators are right to say that it is time London caught up.


Hywel said...

Those demands were made ages ago. And reported in the Guardian!

Nick said...

I'm expecting one of the bizarre Tory think tanks - or possibly our oh so predictably contrary friends at Spiked - to turn that on its end. There's a surely a gap in the market for a report advocating that local government in the rest of the UK should be more like the Corporation of London than the other way around.