Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Six of the Best 198

Cicero's Songs is encouraged by one of his rare visits to Britain: "the Liberal Democrats, dismissed as irrelevant or worse, are actually achieving far more than the media is giving them credit for. Despite the problems of the country, I find myself heartened by the political courage of the party's ministers. Morale in the Parliamentary party is good, and as the polls show a slight improvement in the still dire standing of the Liberal Democrats, I find myself wondering whether the party, far from being punished in 2015, might not actually end up being rewarded for at least trying to do the right thing, in the face of near-Universal derision and contempt."

UKIP will not prosper until it is seen as more than a party of protest, argues Missives from Doktorb.

Down at Third Man writes on the corruption of cricket: "Those who cheated and took corrupt payments (and there are many more who have yet even to face charges) are of course principally to blame, but their cricketing opponents, administrators, cricket press and commentators share responsibility for the long continuance of this utter and unchecked corruption that has brought the professional game to the very brink."

On a happier note, The View from Creeting St Peter reveals that a distinguished Liberal Democrat is an international cricketer - for Luxembourg.

The Shiznit asks why the Guardian has taken such an extreme dislike to the new Tintin film.

Bursting to visit at old underground station? IanVisits reports that Aldwych will be open for a couple of long weekends before Christmas.

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