Monday, November 14, 2011

Trees planted to mark the end of Creative Perambulations

Six months ago Dave Wood wrote a guest post for this blog about Creative Perambulations, his project to mark and celebrate the ancient boundaries of Sherwood Forest.

Dave has written to say that he ended the walking section of Creative Perambulation on 5 November with the planting of two trees  in Nottingham. Both have been grown from the Major Oak, generally regarded as the heart of the forest.

By the end of the day, 23 people had come along to help and to be part of the process; one tree planting was at the Victoria Embankment and the other at The Hook Nature Reserve in Lady Bay. The latter tree was donated by the Sherwood Forest Trust.

Both trees were nurtured by Sherwood Pines Partnership Tree Nursery, a partnership between the Sherwood Forest Trust and Nottinghamshire Country Council. The nursery enables adults with learning needs to gain work experience, increase their confidence and live a more independent and fulfilling life.

There is currently a consultation document on the council's website that invites the public to respond to potential cutbacks to the Supported Employment Programme (closing of the nursery is one of the possible cuts suggested).

The picture above shows David with the mayors of Nottingham and Stapleford, together with three human trees from The Woodland Trust who came along and gave away eight trees at the final planting.

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