Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Six of the Best 200

On Radio Five this afternoon the solicitor of Milly Dowler’s family, Mark Lewis, accused Rupert Murdoch’s News International of behaving “like the former Soviet Union”. He also saidthat being snooped on by the Murdoch empire left him feeling like “the KGB are somehow following you”. Read more on Left Foot Forward.

 "Think about it. You are going to the House of Commons for one of the most important Q&As of your career. Would you check the basic facts before setting out? It seems that May didn’t." Liberal Burblings is surprised at the incompetence of Theresa May.

The Potter Blogger tells it like it is: "As far as I'm concerned, 38Degrees has lost its way. And I'm not going to have any part in it any more."

In a video, Pieces of Light shows us how the world appears to a seven-year-old.

Downton Abbey was neatly skewered by one critic as "Howards' Way masquerading as Howard End". Here Shiny Shelf is bemused at the rushed time scheme and perfunctory set-ups of its second series.

"I dreamt of you last night and I fell out of bed twice." On Night and Day, the Spectator arts blog, Samira Ahmed interviews Rita Tussingham and Murray Melvin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of A Taste of Honey.

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