Saturday, November 26, 2011

Market Harborough man detained at fishmonger's for threatening lobsters

Under the headline Lobster mobster The Sun reports:
Police swooped on a shopper after he wrote on Facebook about a plot to "murder" — unaware his intended victims were two LOBSTERS. 
Officers handcuffed the terrified suspect outside a fishmonger's. 
They had been tipped off by a worried web user who read of the man's plan to go into town "to kill" and "stab something in the neck". The cops grilled him for 20 minutes before he convinced them it was just a misunderstanding. 
The man had earlier ordered the lobsters by phone from Martin Hobbs fishmonger's in Market Harborough.
The Daily Mail adds the detail that the man was detained by four officers in bullet-proof vests.

One or two of the commenters on the newspapers' websites suggest we take this story with a pinch of salt - or perhaps that should be a squeeze of lemon.

Anyway, I shall be careful what I tweet before going shopping tomorrow.

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