Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nick Clegg orders inquiry into extraditions between Britain and the USA

From this morning's Daily Mail:
Nick Clegg yesterday broke ranks with the Government over a ‘whitewash’ review into the lopsided extradition treaty that is being used to send Gary McKinnon to America. 
The Deputy Prime Minister has ordered a new inquiry into extraditions between Britain and the U.S. 
His surprise move will raise hopes that Sir Scott Baker’s controversial report into extradition laws will be thrown into the bin. The report’s findings would lead to no change in extradition laws considered hugely unfair to British citizens. But the Tories will find it harder to accept the findings if they are opposed by their Liberal Democrat partners.
The Mail goes on to explain that Nick has ordered the inquiry as Liberal Democrat leader and that it will be chaired by Ming Campbell.

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