Monday, November 21, 2011

When Baroness Trumpington met Lloyd George

Baroness Trumpington is the peer of the moment for her gesture in the Lords the other day.

PoliticsHome has a interviewer with her in which she remembers staying with Frances Stevenson, Lloyd George's mistress and secretary:
"I was sent to be a land girl, and I lived with the then Miss Stevenson, who married him in the end. I’d have lunch with the old boy when the family were there." She describes Lloyd George as "gaga in bits, and brilliant in others – but I think he was a bit scared of going to London because he didn’t like the bombs". However, age did not entirely wither the old man. "I was very young, but he had a certain reputation with the ladies," says the Baroness. 
Even in his 80s? "Especially in old age," she adds.

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