Saturday, November 12, 2011

Six of the Best 201

Focus on Bar Hill celebrates progress in Belinda Brooks-Gordon and Sal Brinton's campaign to win a fairer deal for part-time university students.

"The House of Commons is full of lawyers, isn't it? Not really, not any more. Last night I was at a Cambridge seminar presented by David Howarth, the former LibDem MP for the city and now an academic, on the 'decline and fall' of lawyers in Parliament. The statistics he presented were (if you like the idea of the people who create the law knowing something about it) sobering." No wonder this blog is called Heresy Corner

"If you are charging for your work, you have an obligation to be professional." Andrew Hickey on the ethics of self-publication.

A cautionary tales from the New York Times: "Soon my entire life revolved around tweeting. I stopped reading, rarely listened to music or watched TV. When I was out with friends, I would duck into the bathroom with my iPhone. I tweeted while driving, between sets of tennis, even at the movies."

The announcement that Newcastle United’s St James Park is to be rechristened ‘The Sports Direct Arena’ should alarm even those who don’t like football, argues Steve Akehurst on LabourList.

Leicester was a considerable Roman city several centuries before Nottingham was even a collection of huts by the Trent called "Snottingham". But let us be magnanimous and welcome the forthcoming release of a two-disc DVD of archive film of Nottingham by the Media Archive for Central England.

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burkesworks said...

1980? Wonder if it'll feature the Harold Baim film about Nottingham, which I have excerpts of somewhere? If this is like MACE's ATV collection, it'll be excellent.