Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vic Marks on Peter Roebuck

In tomorrow's Guardian Vic Marks will pay tribute to his former Somerset teammate Peter Roebuck who committed suicide yesterday:
Peter Roebuck's suicide in Cape Town was a terrible shock. Of course it was. But it was not a complete shock. One of the most gifted writers about the game was a complex man with a brilliant mind. He was also far more troubled and insecure than he liked to let on. He would bare his soul on anything to do with cricket – or politics – fearlessly, with wit and brutal honesty and often at great length. About himself he would reveal practically nothing ... 
Worse players represented England in the 80s. In 1989, with the national side in chaos, the coach and captain at Somerset were asked to suggest a replacement for the Edgbaston Test against Australia. We recommended Roebuck, who was in superb form; the selectors opted to recall Chris Tavaré. Roebuck might not have been the comfortable choice. At the time he would have been the right one.

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douglas johnstone said...

Although Vic Marks and Peter Roebuck played cricket for the same county at the same time, I can't imagine two less alike men. The first always seems very likeable and self-deprecating while the second always seemed opinionated and obtuse. No doubt there is/was more to them than meets the eye.