Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lord Bonkers is here to help you

Lord Bonkers writes exclusively for Liberal England...

This time last year I offered to answer problems sent in by my young readers in Liberator magazine. As the exercise was widely agreed to have gone Rather Well, I thought I would repeat it.

To refresh your memories, here is the advice I gave:
As I pointed out last year (in all modesty), I have unparallelled political experience and I can also claim to be a Man of the World.

Remember too that I have many friends and employees upon whom I may call. Meadowcroft can tell you when to prick out your begonias, Nanny is an authority on child-rearing and health problems, and the Reverend Hughes on spiritual matters.

As I also pointed out last year, I fear I cannot enter into individual correspondence, but all your emails will be read - especially if they include a 5/- postal order.

I should also add that all letters will be treated in the strictest confidence (though I have to have something juicy to bring to the table at the Bonkers' Arms of a Friday evening, obviously).

Please send your problems to me at Bonkers Hall.

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