Sunday, February 05, 2012

Six of the Best 222

Caron's Musings tells Nick Clegg that he can't go on about diversity and continue to pass over women.

"But what if the Lib Dems should do unexpectedly well in the 2015 election, maintaining or even increasing their representation? This would certainly give the party a new moral authority after all they have been through. But the toxicity of the Tories remains; they are simply on the wrong side of history. With an increased representation, the party may well have the choice of partners, and if so, it should try to strike a deal with Labour, and one that gives the party increased overall clout in government." Thinking Liberal does not want to see the Lib Dem/Conservative coalition continue after 2015.

Craig Murray continues his investigation of the activities of Adam Werritty.

"Even in a bookshop as frequently visited as this one, it's inevitable that a few books will slide into obscurity - but the long decline takes place over years or decades, whereas e-books have the unwanted capacity to vanish instantly, leaving no trace behind. No volunteer comes along to brush away the dust and restore them to a more prominent place on the virtual shelf." On Wenlock Books, Jacob Sikstone reflects on a week working in that Shropshire bookshop.

It's a while since we have had a recipe, so here is Wild Shropshire: Food and Foraging with bacon, broccoli and goat's cheese soup.

London Reconnections visits the Connaught Tunnel. It has been disused since North London Line trains ceased running to North Woolwich in 2006 but will soon form an important part of Crossrail.

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