Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your Move Next (1969)

Thanks to Chris Matthews for tweeting a link to this 1969 film made by the Greater London Council to encourage workers and businesses to move out of London.

As so often with films of this type, it is a strange mixture of the nostalgic (as a little boy in the 1960s I lived in the new town of Hemel Hempstead) and the modern - buildings of this period still look modern, though cars of the same era look ridiculously old fashioned. It is also a mixture of the benign (light and air for children to grow up in) and the faintly Soviet (the assumption that central planning was necessary and efficient).

Add to this Michael Aspel using his stilted 1960s BBC newsreader voice and there is plenty to enjoy.

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Barry Platt said...

Interesting to see this - I grew up in Haverhill from the mid-70s after my parents relocated from Harlow around 1970, and can't help wondering if the promises made in this film may have had a bearing on that decision!