Friday, February 17, 2012

Six of the Best 227

The Yellow Bastard asks if the Liberal Democrats are missing a trick by not championing England.

Alex Hilton, on LabourList, sends a humdinger of an open letter to Ed Miliband: "My problem is that you are not a leader. You are not articulating a vision or a destination, you’re not clearly identifying a course and no-one’s following you. You’re simply coming out with unintelligible guff in response to the latest headlines and seemingly hoping that we’ll think its impenetrability is down to our lack of understanding rather than your lack of coherence." In defence of the Labour leader, I don't think any leading politician has a vision beyond getting our debts down at the moment.

Phillip Blond and Graham Allen, writing in the Independent, say we need a magna carta for true local government.

The TES reports that pupils who speak English as an additional language have achieved an academic breakthrough, with new figures showing that for the first time a higher proportion have gained five 'good' GCSEs than their native English speaking counterparts. A Department for Education spokesman gives a sane response: "It is good to see any pupils making progress, but we want to make sure that those from all backgrounds are doing well."

Stratagem XXXVIII finds the Serious Organised Crime Agency has started policing copyright infringement and taking down websites they suspected of distributing copyrighted music.

Diamond Geezer visits Charles Dickens' birthplace in Portsmouth.

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