Monday, February 20, 2012

Six of the Best 228

The Snow In The Summer or So-So gives Liberal Left's "statement of values" a thorough going over.

"It appears that one of the previous, hated, Labour government schemes for even more, very expensive, snooping on millions of innocent people's internet and phone activities, is being resurrected by the Coalition government with the misleading title of the Communications Capabilities Development Programme." Spy Blog briefs us on a worrying development.

Craig Dearden-Phillips says the Tories are half-right about making it easier to sack mediocre people.

On The World, John Freeman recommends some reading from the Arab world that will help us understand what is going on there.

"After Barcelona fell to Franco's fascist forces in the last months of the Spanish Civil War almost half a million Spanish Republican civilians and soldiers struggled across the eastern Pyrenees to what they thought would be freedom in France. But the French government, which had signed a European non-intervention agreement, herded the refugees into settlements which [Pablo] Casals describes as concentration camps and which were known elsewhere as les Camps du M├ępris - camps of scorn." On an Overgrown Path searches for traces of a discreditable episode in French history.

New American reports that the president of the Swedish Association for Home Education and his family have been forced into exile in Finland.


SIPP investments said...

It always seemed interesting to me that it was a Labour government under Tony Blair that actually expanded the snooping into citizens private lives in the interests of "national security". And from everything I've read, no Western country - on a per capita basis - has as many CCTV installations installed as the UK

Anonymous said...

CCDP is extremely worrying. The fact that something that has been condemned previously under labour is being resurrected by the torries under a differnt name is ridiculous. There are so many things wrong with this, not just the fact it is a waste of money and time. This behaviour is unacceptable not to mention illegal. There are some organisations trying to stop this invasion of Privacy. The Open Rights Group are spear heading a campaign o try and make people aware of this.

Please join their face book group

and sign the petition to stop this going ahead