Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Polling stations in schools: Will no one think of the children?

Free-range Kids send us to a piece in the Post-Star from Glen Falls, New York, by that paper's editor Ken Tingley.

He reports the decision of the Warrensburg Central School District not to allow the use of one of its schools for a primary election in April. This, says Tingley, is because board members thought it would be "too dangerous":
Of the seven members on the school board, not one even cleared their throat to say this is all just a bit silly. 
Voting at local schools and firehouses is a tradition that goes back generations. I can't remember the last time I did not vote in a school. And the greatest calamity I can ever recall was complaints over long lines in Lake Luzerne one year.
Once we would have laughed at America over a report like this. But if such a decision has not already been made somewhere in Britain, I am sure it soon will be.

The good news, as a footnote to the Free-range Kids post says, is that the Warrensburg decision has now been reversed.

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