Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Six of the Best 226

Thinking Liberal considers the battle of ideas within the Liberal Democrats.

"While many in the Tory party despise some of the positions Cameron has taken such as bashing the bankers, this isn’t because of an influence by Mr Clegg but because that is what they think the voters want. The Daily Telegraph quotes one Tory Cabinet member who said: “David would be doing all this even if Nick Clegg wasn’t. Differentiation is a sign of weakness. By embracing the Lib Dems, we place ourselves where the public is. And that is where we stand our best chance of winning in 2015." Solution Focused Politics lays Conservative strategy bare - and what we should do to counter it.

In Vanity Fair Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele look at Monsanto's way of operating as the company attempts to broaden its domination of American food production into milk production.

Mrs Shorties Mind is looking for blog posts for the next Mental Health Carnival.

"Until then, I had not quite noticed how the old school antique shops have been vanishing from the world. In Kensington Church St and in the Portobello Rd, in streets formerly lined with antique dealers – where once I used to wander, window shopping at all the beautiful old things I would never buy – such businesses are thinning out and becoming sparser. Similarly in Fulham and Chelsea, part of the accepted landscape of London is quietly dissolving away. Spitalfields Life has some memorable pictures of one such shop as it was left on its owner's death.

Elsewhere in London, Blood and Property was photographing Hackney's canals in the snow.

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