Thursday, February 09, 2012

Six of the Best 224

"In the past few months I have noticed discourse within in the party from “the right” vs “the left”. This may be fuelled by “difficult decisions” and “compromises” etc etc, yet it’s completely damaging to us as a party from every side of the spectrum. Firstly, we can’t achieve anything by acting like kids with passive aggressive internet bickering. Secondly, we have far more important things to get on with as a united membership." Good sense from Kavya Kaushik.

Chris Richards has a video of the launch of the Liberal Democrat campaign for London at the Ministry of Sound yesterday.

The Tory leader of Cornwall Council was wrong to arbitrarily ban tweeting and blogging in council meetings, reports A Lanson Boy.

"We expected, along with everyone else, that the EYFS [Early Years Foundation Stage] would become more play friendly. Instead it has weakened the already tiny references to free, unstructured play. In turn, this will lead to even fewer early years staff building their skills and confidence in developing physically active playful environments where children are allowed to play without constant interruptions." Love Outdoor Play shares the concern that the current revision of the early-years curriculum (why do we need one?) will make things worse not better.

One of the causes of our current economic problems is the high level of consumer debt, yet persuading people to borrow more is often presented as the way out of those problems too. Save our Savers is a campaign to put savers back on the political agenda.

You don't hear much about Dickens these days, do you? Robert Gottlieb reviews a batch of the books published for the great man's bicentenary in the New York Review of Books.

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