Thursday, February 09, 2012

NO2ID for dogs

Today's Daily Telegraph says that ministers have "signalled plans to make microchips compulsory in response to growing concern about dog attacks".

The report goes on:
Lord Taylor of Holbeach, an environment minister, yesterday promised an announcement soon. “We are close to finalising a package of measures to tackle irresponsible dog owners,” he told the Lords. “We see microchipping as part of the measures we can do to address an increasing problem.”
But if microchipping is going to work there is going to have to be a database of every dog owner in the country, they are going to have to tell the authorities whenever they move and someone is going to have to punish them if they fail to do so.

It sounds like a national identity scheme, only one using dogs rather than those little plastic cards. Any dog concerned at this should visit the NO2ID website.

And if this story seems familiar, that may be because I blogged about it back September 2009. A reminder that governments come and go, but pressure groups go on for ever.

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David said...

Perhaps it's time Nick Clegg answered the question they used to ask Jeremy Thorpe, "Where do you stand on dogs ?"