Monday, February 20, 2012

Tory MP launches extraordinary attack on David Cameron

The Northampton Chronicle reports that Brian Binley, the Tory MP for Northampton South, has "launched an extraordinary verbal volley at his own party and described Prime Minister David Cameron and his government as a 'shady, back-street second-hand car dealership'."

Go to Brian Binley's blog and all you will find for today is a post attacking the appointment of Professor Les Ebdon as the new head of Offa.

Judging by the text the Chronicle gives, that post was heavily edited a little earlier this evening:
“I was incensed that the Government treated Parliament with such utter disdain in failing even to give adequate consideration to the Select Committee’s concerns. But that is nothing to the contempt I feel for this disgraceful assault on what people in the country should be able to expect from Ministers – as policy-makers, not backroom dealers playing fast-and-loose with people’s lives. 
“That Ministers seem prepared to trade one-off exchanges at the potential expense of our national prosperity and future well-being is a disgrace. Their apparent glee at having mollified each other’s ambitions leaves me cold. 
“The time is fast approaching when the Prime Minister needs to get a grip and cease leaving the impression that his agenda is determined by the imprint of the last Liberal Democrat who sat on him. This rotten episode smacks of all the worst elements of a shady, back-street second-hand car dealership, and is an utterly shameful way to make policy”.
I gave my own take on Professor Ebdon and Offa earlier this evening.

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oneexwidow said...

Just followed the link to his blog and, aside from all the bluster, was struck by his last two sentances:

"Remember – in the ‘90s we gave up good polytechnics for bad universities. Let’s not now give up good universities for the sake of left-wing nonsense."

Am guessing Major wasn't a favourite of his either... or the then Education Secretary, Kenneth Clarke...