Sunday, March 25, 2012

British locomotives (1959)

This is part 1 of a promotional film made for the Locomotive and Allied Manufacturers' Association of Great Britain in 1959. As Tim Hall said when alerting us to this film on Twitter, most of the locomotives shown would be scrapped within a decade.

The good news, if you enjoyed this film, is that you can view part 2 too.


railwaymangwyn said...

Actually, there are 11 loco types shown of which five were withdrawn within a decade (or so), which is not "most".

And three of the claasses shown can still be seen in use today!

Crepello said...

A charming period piece, even if some of the hardware shown is still in use today. A pity, though, that the narrator's accent was finally withdrawn in 1968 and survives now only in preservation.
Look out for the glimpses of Sheffield trams in the early moments of the footage of the Woodhead electrics.