Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Kit Malthouse joins the phone-hacking deniers

From BBC News:
London Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse has been urged to resign after reportedly saying too many police resources were allocated to the phone-hacking inquiry. 
Labour MP Chris Bryant made the call in reaction to Sir Paul Stevenson's comments to the Leveson Inquiry. 
The former Scotland Yard commissioner said Mr Malthouse, who is responsible for policing in London, told him the investigation should be scaled back. 
Mr Malthouse said his role was to probe the allocation of police resources.
I am all in favour of people resigning, but let us not forget that Malthouse is only the latest in a long line of figures who have underestimated the importance of phone-hacking or rubbished those who are concerned about it.

Let me see, there's... David Cameron, Jenny JonesBoris JohnsonGuido Fawkes and Mathew d'Ancona.

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