Sunday, March 11, 2012

The French are finally waking up to cricket

"If the French nobility had been capable of playing cricket with their peasants," the British historian G.M. Trevelyan once wrote, "their chateaux would never have been burnt."

Judging by a report in today's Mail on Sunday, the French have finally woken up to this:
Cricket is being introduced into the national curriculum for French primary schools, and enthusiasts hope the move will lead to cricket becoming a part of French culture. 
"We have far more open spaces here, so beautiful pitches will not be a problem and the French are certainly clever enough to understand the complicated rules," says Gilles Lefevre, an English teacher from Bordeaux, who learnt to love the game on holidays to the UK. 
"Culturally, cricket is all about the English but there is no reason at all why this game should not become a favourite here."


Edis said...

The English cricket tour of France in 1789 is one of the classic unknown comedy moments of history. Marie Antoinette was presented with a cricket bat for starters...

(see the book 'That Sweet Enemy' for some bare details. The whole thing needs a proper write-up)

shisha pipe said...

its a good sign for the of cricket sport all over the world !!!

architects buckinghamshire said...

good to see french is in to cricket :)